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Welcome to Rite-Way Transport Company, Inc., a full truckload OTR motor carrier headquartered near Detroit, Michigan. Our company consists of numerous motor carrier operating subsidiaries; consolidation facilities; intermodal and automotive contractor divisions; and a full service logistics management group. Many of the affiliated carriers are primarily involved in the transportation of Just-In-Time automotive freight and have received Carrier of the Year distinction from several major automotive manufacturers. We received our I.S.O. 90002 certification in 1999.

Rite-Way's transportation products are successfully marketed throughout the country via a network of regional operating locations through relationships with other transportation organizations or individuals who are authorized to market and sell our service through an exclusive agent partnership. The structure of this Agent program allows us to attract highly qualified individuals or companies whose primary desire is to expand the service offerings to their existing customer base while focusing on quality and personalized service.

Our expanding network provides customized service options designed to meet your logistical needs. Whether you require full truckload OTR service; specialized local or regional handling; or intermodal drayage, Rite-Way Transport Company can deliver. Contact Rite-Way today to learn more about our products or about our Transportation Agent Program.

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